Tuesday, February 5, 2013

...and now for something completely different

Hey everyone, today's post is not about nails, but about instead to inform you of some changes you will notice over the next month in my nail art photos. Can you guess? If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you probably know, but for the rest of you, here it is!

My good friend Ana is a fabulous henna artist (check her work out at Blooming Lotus Henna), and she asked me to model some bridal henna for her, and of course I said yes! She does amazing work and I've received tons of complements on it already.

Here are some pictures of the completed project. These pics are taken from my phone, so the color and quality are off, but you can see the design.

Anyway, enjoy :)

 Sorry this next one is sideways...I can't get it to flip!

And here is the finished stain today!

So as you can see, a bit of this henna will be creeping into my nail art photos over the next few weeks, and now you know the story!

In case you are wondering ^^^ this is Manglaze ILF

Til next time!


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