Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kelara Lacquers I Love Lamp

Welcome back and happy Monday everyone! Today it was back to "the grind" after a lovely, relaxing, stressful, crazy 3 week holiday. A was back to preschool, and tomorrow I go back to school as well. It was a very difficult day for us all. A didn't want to wake up for school, B decided she would not take a nap today, but then the mail came, and the angels sang. I found this beauty in the mail box!

Say hello to Kelara Lacquers' I Love Lamp from their brand new Double Rainbow Holo Collection! I Love Lamp is a gorgeous pale purple holographic polish. Are you ready for a photo bomb? Here we go!

This is two coats of I Love Lamp, no topcoat. The formula on this is not your usual thin runny holo like a lot of them out there, but it's not gloopy, and very easy to work with! The formula was great and, like I said, only needed two coats for this beautiful, dense, full coverage.

 I Love Lamp isn't the holo-y-est polish I own, but that doesn't mean I don't love it! Sometimes you want a more subtle holo. Some holos are so strong you can't tell what the base color is,  I love that you can actually see the gorgeous base color with this one. I just love this color!

I really regret not having a sunlight photo for you, but it's January. In Oregon. So, yeah. Sunshine? No-go. This is the best I could do- use the flash to bring out the holo a bit more.

Kelara Lacquers are all hand mixed, 3-free, and cruelty free, made lovingly by soon-to-be husband and wife duo Kellen and Tara. Check out Kelara's Etsy shop for the entire Double Rainbow Holo Collection as well as their other fantastic collections, and check out their Facebook page for swatches, updates, and occasional promotions.

I just love Kelara Lacquers! You can see a previous post I've done featuring Kelaras here.

Til next time!
This polish was provided to me for review, all opinions are my own. 
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  1. Love it Kara!! It's so pretty! This is going on my wishlist too!

  2. I love Kelara Lacquers. I Love Lamp sold out SUPER fast yesterday. I can't wait to snag one on the next round though. This will be my first holo so I like that it's not super holo-y as I'm still debating whether they're right for me. Thanks for the great review!

    1. It did! It is supposed to be restocked next week though, I hope you are able to get one - it's gorgeous :)

  3. A dusty lilac holo, how gorgeous is this! I love a good, strong rainbow but I also like a holo that's beautiful even when it's not in direct light, and this one is. And I love the name of their company-- so sweet :)

  4. I have just been introduced to this awesome polish line. Your swatches are gorgeous!!!


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