Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 9 :Water Marble

Wow. Day 9! We're in the home stretch!

Today's challenge is water marble, and boy, was this a challenge! I tried 3 times before I got these results. Water marbling is just too random for my OCD self!

For this I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear  Blue It, Mellow Yellow, and Fuchsia Power. Boy, was clean-up a pain, thank goodness I was given the tip of putting Vaseline on my fingers before dipping, because without that, it would have been sooo much worse!

Not much else to say about this mani other than I definitely need more practice. And in the future, I will probably keep the water marbling for accent nails and not the whole mani.

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  1. I love how everyone has chosen really awesome color combinations! I like the ring finger best, turned out almost exactly like mine did. Very cool marble :-)

  2. Your marble looks great! The colors are really fantastic! I have given you the Liebster award! :) Keep it up!!


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