Friday, October 26, 2012

A-England, at last!

How's everyone? Ready for the weekend? I have a fun, but very busy Halloween weekend planned for myself and the kiddos, can't wait to let them play in a bowl of pumpkin guts :)

Today I have a couple swatches for you. I still can't believe I was able to get my hands on these, I have been drooling over them ever since I first started my polish obsession!

First, we have the lovely Guinevere. Guinevere is from A-England's Mythicals collection.  It is described as an "antique  pale mauve", and it is very pretty. I just love this color!

A-England Guinevere

It's nothing we haven't seen as far as color, in fact I have a couple of polishes that are very similar in my own stash, but I love it anyway.

Next, is Tristam, and ZOMG is it fabulous! Tristam is described as "night blue sky with starlight glimmer and glow", which means it's a deep blue with scattered holographic micro-glimmer. I love this polish so much. So much. If I ever have a boy, I'm naming him Tristam after this polish. I'm just kidding...or am I?

A-England Tristam

Gorgeous, right? You should see it in person. I really wish it had been sunny today, I would love to see what sunlight does to this!

So there you have it, my new loves. Which A-England is your favorite?


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  1. I love Tristam! I must say though that I love Ascalon as well...too close to call :)


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