Thursday, October 11, 2012

In the Mood for polish

I hope everyone is well today! I'm a little emotional because my baby is 11 months old today - it goes by so fast! Since she's walking already, I suppose that makes her a toddler already *ack*!

Today I'm swatching MOOD color changing nail polish from Claire's. This is dark shimmery blue with a satin finish that changes to purple. Supposedly. Here's the bottle and swatch:

mood polish

This is two coats of polish, no top coat:

mood polish

Pretty, huh? Let's check out the color change! Sat with my hand in cold water, nothing. Okay, let's try hot water then. And...

Really? That's it? Let's compare...

My ring and middle finger in hot water and my ring and pinky in cold water for a side by side. Where's the purple? I don't get it.

Fun idea, but save your money and skip the Claire's brand mood polish!

Til next time!



  1. I've used Claire's before, but the best color changing nail polish I've found is from Del Sol

  2. That kinda makes me not want to use that polish. I think it's gonna go on le swap list


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